Featured Speaker: Dr. Jane Oh

Authentic Healing

Dr. Jane Oh embodies a kind and healing spirit throughout her roles as a wife, mother, friend, doctor and teacher, to name a few. For the past 27 years, she has kept very busy as an internal medicine doctor doing outpatient, clinic, and hospital care at Park Nicollet. At the same time, she has been married to her husband Bob, and together they’ve raised two now grown children, Katie and Michael. As with any busy parent and professional, Jane felt a certain level of stress and anxiety creep into her days. She helped to maintain the pressure through regular work outs and, with an invite from her husband Bob, stumbled into yoga. At first, she saw it as another form of exercise, but soon, she recognized other benefits through the quiet, meditative moments within her yoga practice. She noticed her ability to be more present and more authentically herself.

In 2011, Jane completed teacher training and started another role as a yoga teacher. As her yoga practice deepened and she honed her teaching voice, Jane found that yoga continued to bring her back to what was authentically important to her. She continued to find herself feeling more genuine and honest in how she lived life, practiced medicine, and engaged in her relationships. Rather than pushing herself aside in pursuit of her personal and professional goals, she found herself able to shift to being happier in all parts of life by being honest with herself and others, setting boundaries, and not letting caring for others come at her own expense. She found confidence from putting herself out there with her students, by being vulnerable and opening herself up to judgment. Through that process, she found the ability to let go of what others think and confidently share her true self.

Jane finds comfort in her knowledge and skills as a doctor, so she recognizes that teaching yoga has allowed her to stretch herself in a new way. While some of the self-reflection can be uncomfortable or even painful at times, Jane continues to seek growth through an ever-evolving practice. She found herself able to bring what she has learned and continues to learn to her patients by broadening what she has to offer. Three years ago, she began to study Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART) through the Mind Body Institute at Harvard University. The program allowed Jane to marry the science and research her brain connects with to what she has found to be true in her own experience. Now to a point where she is ready to teach to others, Jane found herself excited to share what she has learned with a new audience. Through what she feels was a serendipitous moment, she was invited to stand on the red carpet to share her talk. Hear Jane’s truth on October 13 at TEDx Edina!