TEDxEdina 2022

TedXEdina is back! In October 2022, we gathered once again to share ideas with the power to make our community and our world a better place. And this year, we added a [email protected] program to elevate youth voice in our community. We are very proud of our youth organizing team, who won Edina’s 2023 “Connecting with Kids” Award.

WATCH PARTY | Saturday, March 4, 2023
9:30am | Edina’s Mann Theater | 3911 50th Street

Exclusive premiere. See them here before they go viral. $5 suggested donation.

THEATER 1 Schedule

Kenda Zellner-Smith | Picking up the pieces
Oumar Dieng | Adaptability, innovation and the untapped potential of refugees
Megan Pickett | The faithful beauty of the stars: saving our celestial heritage
Jen Gilhoi | Sober not somber: an enlightening way to evolve drinking culture
Melissa Seeley | We cannot recycle our way out of our waste problem
Caitlin Rogers | The beauty of bad ideas
Delaine Teabout Thomas | Yes, racism is a public health crisis. Now what?
Ashley Smith | Is your brain deceiving you?

THEATER 2 Schedule

Nicole Jerney | You, me and bento
Sydney Raley | A teenager’s experience with autism and how it can change a life
Eric Brovold | You are more than just a number
Indra Khariwala | My imperfect success
Hailey Fey | Bee happy! A hornet’s take on the benefits of beekeeping
Sonja Holtey | Inclusion, acceptance connection: it all starts with hello
Graham Thompson | Trying new things made me empathetic
Kaylie Caldwell, Adele Snyder, Venna Wiandt | Our turn in tech
Olivia LaFrenz | Changing the narrative is more than ok
Bridgett Ugarte | Reshape your mind, not your body
Erin Zamoff | A simple reform that can save our democracy
Ross Wehner | What if the purpose of school were purpose?

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