Featured Speaker: Chad Martin

When life presents a major shift in what you have come to define as your normal, how do you respond? Chad Martin found out his response six years ago when his wife, Pam, had a life-changing stroke. In a moment, life was altered dramatically–not only for Pam, but for Chad and their daughter Janessa, who was just 3 years old at the time. For Chad, it was a feeling of wanting to take as much off Pam’s shoulders as possible to create space for her healing. While the initial learning revolved around care, treatment, rehabilitation and/or therapy, an unexpected lesson soon came to fruition.

While continuing as a software engineer manager, father, and being a caregiver, wear on his emotional state began to emerge, and Chad found himself seeking different approaches to keeping their lives moving forward. Chad certainly does not feel that he has all the answers, but rather a unique experience that has allowed for much learning and personal growth as an individual, a couple, and as a family. He recognizes that there will continue to be ups and downs to navigate, both in Pam’s health, and in the health of their relationship. He is excited to share some basic principles that have helped him and his wife to continue to create a partnership that supports each of them and their daughter. Don’t miss the chance to hear Chad’s story at TEDxEdina!

Photo credit: Matthew Kuzma