Frequently Asked Questions

When and where will TEDxEdina take place?
Our next TEDxEdina event is scheduled for October 2022. We’ll kick things off with [email protected] on Friday, October 28 and TEDxEdina will take the stage on Saturday, October 29.

Can I be paid to speak or perform at TEDxEdina?
No. TEDx rules prohibit any speaker from being paid.

Can anyone attend TEDxEdina as a member of the audience? Where can I buy a ticket?
Are you a curious soul, passionate about innovative ideas and their power to change lives, change communities, and ultimately our world? Are you a doer, eager to put ideas into action in our local community? If so, please join us at TEDxEdina. All are welcome here. Tickets for our October 2022 event will go on sale in August 2022 here.

Why is there a fee to attend TEDxEdina?
TEDxEdina is run by dedicated volunteers. All money collected from ticket sales is put back into the conference to support costs for venue, video production, operations, food, and post-conference follow-up events. Please note that we will provide financial assistance to community members who are eager to attend and cannot pay the full fee. Contact us for more information.

How can my company get involved as a partner with TEDxEdina?
Please visit our Sponsors page for further information.

How can I participate through social media with TEDxEdina?
Follow us on Twitter @tedxedina #tedxedina or find us on Instagram or  Facebook.

Other questions?
Contact us: [email protected]