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Featured Speaker: Stephanie Glaros

A Call to Connect “The Grateful Dead’s music touches on ground that most other groups don’t even know exists.”* Stephanie Glaros discovered the band in her teens, and that was her inspiration to travel, to be inquisitive, and to connect with other people. She attended her first Grateful Dead concert in Minneapolis in 1988, and…

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Featured Speaker: Joel Karsten

Grasping at Straws Joel Karsten grew up in Southwestern Minnesota on a crop and dairy farm, and one of the many chores he had was pitching oat straw against the barn when the bale forms fell apart. Joel noticed robust weeds growing out of the straw that landed near the side of the barn, and…

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Featured Speaker: “Monster” Mike Schultz

“Monster” Mike Schultz is a 2018 Winter Paralympic Gold and Silver medalist and inventor, and most recently, a 2018 ESPY Award winner. In December 2008, Mike suffered an accident during a professional snowmobile competition that ultimately led to the amputation of his leg above the knee. As he worked to get back into competition, he…

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Ideas, connections, and curiosity. It’s TEDxEdina 2018.

Ideas, connections and curiosity. It’s TEDxEdina 2018. Now in its 3rd year, TEDxEdina 2018 will bring our community together for a day-long experience on Saturday, October 13, for sharing of new ideas, lively conversation, and newfound inspiration. A remarkable slate of 14 speakers are lined up to share a wide spectrum of topics, from a…

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